Companies measure a bags volume in litres. They do this by measuring the outside dimensions of the bag and then calculate it’s volume. Which I highly doubt any bag can actually carry that amount of water. So here we actually put the Hammbag to the test!  

Actual Litres!

Here you can see me putting in 33.25 Litres (Actual Litres! going to use aL for short) into my hammbag!

We did this by getting assorted bottles filled with water and just loading it into the bag. This was better then our first attempt when we just used plastic bags and the plastic bags broke (although that would’ve fitted easier it wasn’t as easy & fun)..  
If you ever need to carry 30L of vodka to somewhere and then have a nap when you get there, Hammbags your bag!

It does get a little disformed although it can still carry it all. The cool thing about the Hammbag is you can keep finding more space!

Note: technically when it’s in hammock mode it could hold 62L+ because that’s the average person & in theory 100L! Although that’s another video for another day.

aL – a new term defining how many litres of actual water a bag carry.
Hammbag held 33.25aL. Please someone to find me a bag that can carry the amount of litres its advertised to carry!

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