The Plan

Starting in Cape Town first day of Spring “21 slowly venturing up East Coast. To go past the Southern tip, the Garden Route and then to Durban.

After that we meandered our way through to Johannesburg. Covering ~2500km in total 

The Challenge

Accommodation is covered with the magical powers of the Hammbag. And hopefully new friends and hostels will help us out along the way. Transport is also covered with my board and thumbs 😉
Sustance is the final part of the equation as our board runs of food & beer. Budgeting ~$15AUD/pd planning on making it to Cairo by New Years!

Follow The Map!

Starting in Cape Town, will slowly venture through South Africa as have a few friends to catch up with and places to see…

Once finally departing SA will begin our meander up through Africa how and where we’ll end up lays a mystery


Watch the Movement!

Find videos on our Youtube!

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Here’s the playlist of the videos so far!


Legendary Companies

These brands have helped us out on previous missions and are sticking by our side! There are even more that have helped support including; Breazies & Crocs. 

They have been extremely encouraging with the ludicrous ideas they have to embrace from us. Thank you again!

Don’t Need Much $

Accommodation: Hammbag, hostels & couches’. Transport: Skateboard & Thumbs. Just need sustenance! and that’s pretty cheap. Commenced the skate with a daily budget of R150* (~$15aud).

Small miscalculation… with this budget failed to account for incidents, emergencies and even visas. If you’d like to help the adventure

Support U$

Get in touch!

Just a guy going for a skate. Have any ideas for me or thoughts you’d wish to share?

Maybe a couch? or a lift?

Seriously I’m no foreigner to the legendary Couch Surfing App and do love to hitch hike if you want to help us out of the adventure!