Supp Legend!

We love coming up with ideas and being in life’s adventure!
We believe adventure is more your perspective than your position, it really happens anywhere at anytime.
We also love coming up with new ideas to any & every problem*. 

Hammbag & Hammbag pro are just some of our ideas that we’ve been developing as the most versatile travel accessory thing.
Ready to help you adventure, anywhere anytime! 

*Every Problem; seriously every problem. you got an idea need help developing? We got you covered, send us a message.

We have future plans for additional ideas and products that will change the way everyone travels forever!
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Dylan at Coogee Beach Sydney

Dylan Colman

Born & bred in a coastal town and life guarding for 10+ years, surf is in his blood 

Tom birds eye in hammock

Tom Smith
Camping Expert

Growing up in a country town inland Australia adventuring into the outback is all he knows