Cape to Cairo

… and Beyond

Starting in Cape Town going to slowly meander way through Africa!

Previous Skates


Legendary Companies

These brands have helped us out on previous missions and are sticking by our side! There are even more that have helped support including; Breazies & Crocs. 

They have been extremely encouraging with the ludicrous ideas they have to embrace from us. Thank you again!


Don’t Need Much …

Got your accommodation (Hammbag) and transport (Skateboard), you’re off and away! Just need snacks! and they’re pretty cheap. Will be commencing the skate with a daily budget of R150*


R150; 30% Emergency BufferΒ 

Get in touch!

Just a guy going for a skate. Have any ideas for me or thoughts you’d wish to share?

Maybe a couch? or a lift?

Seriously I’m no foreigner to the legendary Couch Surfing App and do love to hitch hike if you want to help us out of the adventure!


Follow The Map!

After 10 flight cancellations taking the adventure into our own hands and skate back. Starting in Cape Town it’ll be a slow meander through Africa!

First goal Garden Route, there’s a bit to see and do between here and there though πŸ˜‰



Watch the Movement!

Find videos on our Youtube Channels!

The Cavern Channel Hammbag Channel

Here’s a legend we met on the last skate adventure. Who knows what videos will come out of this trip! 


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