2020 Recap

Was a crazy year for us! (wonder how the rest of the world was doing). We went through 3 manufacturers and 4 production samples with about 100 modifications in between over the course of the year.

We released another crowdfunding campaign and failed again. Although learnt and discovered so many new things because of it. We discovered new threading technique for the rope, new material, design updates & new way to bond the material plus new friends, connections and ideas. So overall it was actually a major success!

Now What?

We say this all the time, we’ve never been so excited and proud of our idea. So far; Hammbag & Hammbag Pro have always continued to evolve, even every time we think ‘now it’s the ultimate bag…’ shortly followed by ‘but what if…’. 
Now it’s just time to get them out there and continue the process with the world. The Hammbag will always develop and we have a bunch of new ideas we really want to start on. 

So now got our stock and ready to roll… although Dyls still stuck in South Africa with the Hammbag Pros. We’re now we’re setting up Sendle. So soon we’ll be up and running with Hammbags! (Pro’s coming soon) 

Get a Hammbag!!!
Free Shipping Australia (LIMITED TIME ONLY)
Free Shipping Australia (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Did You Notice Name Update

After many code names and version numbers we’ve solidified what the Hammbag is; Hammbag is the most functional sling bag and the strap holds a hammock… so it’s the hammock-bag. The Hammbag Pro is now the worlds most versatile bag; The legendary hammock, bag, towel all-in-one combo.

Hammbag Mini = Hammbag
Hammbag 2        = Hammbag Pro 

Now we have some BA* final designs we’re ready to roll and watch them grow. We have heaps of ideas that we’re extremely excited to get started and create to go along side with the Hammbag!

*BA = Bad Ass

So What (TLDR)

We’re super stoked now with how the Hammbags have developed. Rather then being selfish and keeping developing it to ourselves. We’re going to concentrate on distribution rather then solely focusing on product development. We want everyone to be adventuring anywhere, anytime! 

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