Average Speed: 13km(with injuries), 16km(without)
Top Speed: ~65km
Average distance p/d: 80km
Skate hours a day: 10 hours
Total skating days: 14
Rest Days: 16

Common meal: Nuts
Common Drink: German Beer
Common Accommodation: Hammock + Couch Surfing
Spent over the 30 days: $400
Spent over 3 months: $3300


During the skate I was well under prepared for the physical side. Well I atleast could’ve done it smarter. Instead of pushing myself and doing 120km in one day, twice.
This did force me to stop in a few towns to recover. In hindsight this turned out to be better, forcing me to slow down and enjoy towns that I would’ve just skate passed. If I did it again I’d take it slower from the start.

As well as a more logical diet. Instead of literally only having beer & nuts. I’d often get these from petrol stations along the way. Although this was a very enjoyable diet, my body probably needed more sustenance. I lost 6kg on the trip. 
Although I recognise this fact, I think I’d have a similar diet if I did it again. Why? because it was delicious and very enjoyable as well as a light easy meal.

Last, what I packed. I would completely re-assess my packing. I only used 20% of things I brought. I’d be able to go from a 12kg bag to 6-8kg! this would’ve helped with setup/packup and the journey.  

Lessons Learnt

The major thing I learnt from the trip was goal setting. How to plan & plot a seemingly impossible task and break it into chunks. Focusing on the day, where you are right then and their. Then breaking the day up into 3 sections, usually 25-35km chunks. I’d never think about the next section until I finished the first task.
This made it a lot more manageable, both mentally and physically! 

Where to now?

Well I’m definitely not stopping at this! If anything this has encouraged me to go for more adventures! so you can keep posted here or if you’re keen to join any or have an idea for one, please don’t hesitate to message me! [email protected]


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