The Hammbag can transform easily between a Bag, Towel and Hammock. Its durable, reliable, and extremely comfy.
Packed with a heap of features the Hammbag is your ... Bag anywhere Towel at the beach Bed while camping Blanket at night Poncho at a doof Sarong by the pool Day bag while travelling Surfboard cover on trips Perfect picnic mat in the park Pillow while backpacking Shelf under your gazebo Emergency towel on late night swims ;)


Large velcro pocket
Secure loose items in an secure hanging pocket
2x Quick straps
Quickly secure around any tree, pole, hook, loop, roof rack, beam... you get the point
Beer pocket
I mean drink pocket. Easily access your drink by your side
Pillow pocket
Turn the 2 Interior pockets into a comfy cushion


Single strap bag OR Backpack
Switch between 2 styles, Backpack or a single strap bag
Easy access flap
Quickly access items in the secure velro pocket
5x Large pockets
5 Sections allow you to stratigically seperate your belongings (Wet & dry or books & beer)
Carabiner clips
Easily clip items to your bag(keys, bottles, cameras) or clip your bag to anything (Travel/hiking backpacks, bikes)


Canvas & towel layers
Canvas stops sand and dirt staying in your towel, while towel makes it super cozy to sleep in (besides having drying abilities)
Sarong & thong clips
Use it as a sarong with a spot to clip shoes/thongs to. Whilst giving you access to your beer pocket
100% Cotton
100% cotton with Natural dyes and machine washable
Interior pockets
Secure loose items in the 2 large interior pockets
Absolutely LOVE this product! It never ceases to amaze me how many things I can do with the Hammbag, it does not end at hammock, bag and towel. It is literally my favourite accessory when going to any camping festival, beach or park… and the colours!
Light weight
Holds upto

Ways to use it

The Hammbag is filled with amazing features. We're always discovering new ways to use it!
Easily switch between backpack and single strap bag style.
Dual layers to help keen you warm and comfy. As well as keeping it strong and resilient.
Canvas layer makes the bag strong, the towel resilient and the hammock resistant to wind.
The towel makes for agreat beach mat, huge travel towel and a comfy sleep!
The flap hangs by yoiur side so you have a pocket to put your beer! ... ahh I mean a drink.
Quick release straps make it a breeze to set up, in under 30 seconds.
2 interior pockets can easily be converted to a perfect pillow.
Velcro pocket on the flap is great for securing any small loose items, and quick to access.




Here are some photos of the Hammbag in the Wild!
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Using it as a raincoat/unbrella in Prague!
Easily set it up on almost any balcony
Get cozy! can fit 2 people in
Set it up above the water for a nice private experience
Best beach towel. comfortably seat 2 people with a sand resistant canvas
1 tree, 4 hammbags
Get comfy with friends
Camping becomes super easy and fun
Chair in the park, adventure through the bush and sleeping under Coffs Jetty
Using it as a matt, eski and hammock at the beach!
On a trip through a national park.all you need is one tree
Best spot on Main Beach, Byron Bay!
More features...

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