The hammock form is full of useful features.
The flap doubles as a drink holder and a large velcro pocket to store any loose items. The two interior pockets can be turned into a pillow. The Hammbag comes with two quick release straps. allowing you to easily use any branch, pole or any secure point to set up a hammock.

and Bag...

The Hammbag can easily turn into a single strap bag. Whether you’re going on a walk, run or skate you can quickly customise the length of the strap.
You can use the carabiners to attatch the hammbag to a travel/hiking bag.

and Towel!

The Hammbag is duel layered, with a towel interior and a canvas exterior.
Both canvas and toweling is 100% cotton. The soft towel is perfect for beach and poolside. Accompanied by the canvas it makes the Hammbag extremely durable and tough.
When in Hammock form the canvas stops wind, and the towel makes for a cozy sleep.

All-in-one Design!

The Hammbag is your bag anywhere, your towel at the beach, your bed while camping, and that perfect seat in the park.
Can transform easily between a Bag, Towel and Hammock. Its durable, reliable, and extremely comfy.


The idea was a brain child on a road trip from Sydney to Byron Bay.
Tom brought his regular hammock and every morning slung his towel, water, sunscreen, football and speaker in it like a hobo sack. Then went to the beach.
When we got there we lay it out as a blanket, towel cushion.
We thought, "This is Awesome!", surely we can make this more efficient and........

So here it is, our final product. We are insanely passionate about our idea, we use our Hammbags everyday and we hope to share this amazing product with you.
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  • Backpack & Bag
  • Dual layered
    • Towel interior
    • Canvas exterior
  • Pillow pocket
  • Drink holder
  • Grunt shoulder straps
  • Secure velcro pocket
  • The Hammbag has been quality tested in a variety of environments and has incorporated numerous concepts from user feedback.
  • We use our bags everyday from university, travel, work, beach and even just at home.
  • The 5 sections of the Hammbag can seperate your important papers, text books, laptop and other items for easy access and neat storage.
  • The tightening of the exterior straps secures your pack no matter much or little you put in there.
  • The Hammbag is not just your Bag|Hammock|Towel. It's your travel companion!

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